Job Title:         Program Scheduler

Type:               Full Time

Location:         2705 Bladensburg Road, NE, Washington, DC 20018

Posted:            January 2019


Responsibilities include:

–     Develop, maintain, and update master program and project schedules

–     Work with Senior Management to produce Scheduling Standards

–     Develop preliminary master project schedules and integrate into proper portfolio(s)/program(s) for all projects

–     Work with the Agency, Engineering Firms and/or Construction Contractors Project Schedulers to establish framework in which to integrate/create their schedules into the master project schedule

–     Conduct Validation Meetings regarding schedule acceptance with firms and contractors for all schedule activities

–     Conduct Optimization Meetings regarding schedule logic and sequencing for efficient execution of projects within portfolio(s) and program(s)

–     Perform Schedule and Risk Analysis of all projects

–     Perform and/or ensure Project Schedulers carry-out regular schedule progressing, change management, and reporting for all projects

–     Work with Database Administrators to optimize performance, maintain architecture/coding, and perform backup/archiving of Primavera files

–     Conduct Training Sessions and Desk-side Mentoring as needed for any Project Schedulers and also Project Managers regarding Scheduling Standards

–     Organized with the ability to work with multiple Project Managers and Departmental Staff in a large multi-project setting

–     Structured mindset to conduct needed meetings to gain the information to produce routine reporting to Executive Management

–     Preferred working knowledge of Civil Engineering Projects

–     Ability to work with core team members to develop new standards and then educate any pertinent personnel

–     Ability to manage schedulers and maintain the master program schedule