Jackson and Tull Newsletter Spring 2019


Jackson and Tull engineers completed the prototype PWB design, fabrication, and assembly of GSFC’s new WFIRST space flight processor card design; installed new equipment at the manufacturing facility; designed the new Compact TIRS Instrument board; designed a mechanical and electrical interface module; created a robotic MCB that can control multiple joint motors more efficiently; and [...]

Jackson and Tull Newsletter Fall 2014


Our Civil Engineering division continued construction management services for several projects at the DC Water Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Facility, while our Aerospace Engineering division contributed to the VIPIR inspection tool, provided launch integration and flight operations support for the ANGELS program, and assisted the Government with the largest, most-advanced mission in the 45-year history [...]

Jackson and Tull Newsletter Spring 2012


Jackson and Tull engineers and technicians supported the Hubble Space Telescope, the FASTRAC satellite, the STS-135 Atlantis Shuttle launch, the Space Shuttle Endeavor, the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The Jackson and Tull’s Civil Engineering division continued its contract for the rehabilitation of the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. [...]

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